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Ride in Winter,€300 Off Selected Ebikes
Ride in Winter,€300 Off Selected Ebikes

Partner Recruitment

WELCOME TO Cyrusher Sports!




We are excited to have you as a distributor.


We want you to succeed so we make doing business with us easy, efficient and profitable.




Here we offer:


  1. Competitive Distributor Price. We manufacture bicycles and electric biycles by ourselves and we can offer discounted pricing from 5% to 30%+ depending on the situation and application.


  1. Easy and Fast Sample. You can place sample order with us on line directly and we can ship it out within 24-48 hours normally by DHL, TNT or Fedex.


  1. Mini Order Accepted. We know how hard to start business from Zero to Success and we back up our distributors mini order from 6 pics+ each time.


  1. Fast Delivery. We know how import to get peak seasons for our business, all our order will be processed within 3 to 5 days for fast delivery.


  1. Updated Version. We design and update bicycle constantly to lead or create new demand for market and keep our distributors competitive all the time.


  1. Excellent After Sales Service. We want you to retail or distributor our bicycles in confidence. No matter you just in the business or already have achieved a great success, we will offer seminar & training all of aspects in time.


If you have anyinterest,please feel free to send us your application to and we will reply you within 24-48 hours.