XF590 Folding E-Bike
XF590 Folding E-Bike
XF590 Folding E-Bike
XF590 Folding E-Bike
XF590 Folding E-Bike
XF590 Folding E-Bike
XF590 Folding E-Bike
XF590 Folding E-Bike
XF590 Folding E-Bike
XF590 Folding E-Bike

XF590 Folding E-Bike

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Cyrusher XF590 Electric Mountain Bike 500W 48V 7 Speed E-Bike City Folding Bike

  1. Safety: The products have passed CE certification.Only using anti-exposure safety paint material. Equipped with horn and rear direction lights to make driving safer and more reliable.
  2. Dual Suspension: Cyrusher XF590 adopts hydraulic locking front suspension fork and spring swingarm rear suspension to absorb any bumps in the path to give you a comfortable and safe ride.
  3. Foldable: this electric mountain bike is foldable. You can easily fold its frame, store it nicely in your car when you go camping or family trip. Thanks to its portability, it is very easy to be carried wherever you want to take it.
  4. Riding and Braking: It is a 7 speed electric mountain bike with hydraulic disc brakes. So you can choose different driving speeds and brake easily and safely, especially in wet and slippery situations, if you want.
  5. Speed: The speed of this bike can be adjusted below 25km / h, and the maximum speed can reach 35km / h.
    Buy 1 ebike and Save 200 €

    Unlike regular bikes, a motor that helps row,
    And the battery to run the engine,
    Other electrical wires and controllers are attached.
    Not only is it environmentally friendly, it is also very compact and light,
    Easy to carry.



    LED Front Light

    Waterproof and high brightness LED headlamp at the front

    LCD display

    It displays speed status, battery charge, distance traveled, PAS level

    Rear suspension

    Extra rear suspension for maximum comfort

    Wide preview mirror

    The lens has a wide viewing angle and a wide field of view

    Shimano 7 Speed

    Shimano’s 7-speed freewheel means you can switch to a larger sprocket to upgrade it and move to a smaller sprocket at high speed. In combination with the leg assist system, you can set the appropriate speed to complete your journey.

    Torsion accelerator

    The half-turn slip includes the on / off button to prevent accidental activation.

    Ergonomic seat

    The comfortable saddle seat has a breathable ergonomic design specially designed for pressure relief.

    Rear shelf with reflective lens

    Rear shelf with reflector, it is safer for you to ride late at night

    Powerful hub motor

    It rides quietly, which is great for exploring the trails without disturbing the nature around you.

    add driving power

    Electric bikes help the power of riding by human power, so even those who are not confident in their physical strength
    Do not hesitate to ride,
    You can ride with one-half to one-third the force of a normal bicycle, reducing the strain on your knees.


    Every month the cost of maintaining the car is too high, finding parking can be a problem.
    When folded, it is compact with a width of only 94 cm.
    It weighs 25 kg, or a quarter of the weight of a normal moped.
    A size that fits in the trunk of a passenger car, it is also ideal for outdoor activities like camping and for business trips.
    You can also leave it at the entrance.


    Whether you want to get around on a bike, run around the neighborhood with the family, pedal and exercise, or enjoy the fun and freedom of a two-wheeler, there is an electric city bike for you. And you can add speed, distance, and fun to any vehicle.

    Easy to assemble

    Your Cyrusher bike is 90% pre-assembled. Simply unpack, mount the front wheel, put the pedals in place, twist a few bolts here and there and you're ready to go in 30 minutes or less!

    Watch the xf590 installation video
    What's in the box

    Set of assembly tools. Allen keys, wrench, pump, charger, battery, fender, rear rack, pedal

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Brian Schultz

    The product arrived quite early, and the assembly was smooth without any problems.

    Darlin Bermudez

    It’s the XF590 48V 500W and I was so happy with the quality and nice looking bike.


    I LOVE riding this bike around the neighborhood! The lights are very bright and it’s a lot of fun to ride at night as well. Does wonders for my mood after a bad day. Sometimes I wear a backpack and ride it to the convenience store or ride around the County Forest Preserve and lake. Very good value for the money and it turns a lot of heads!

    Steffen Z.

    It is a good and nice bike especially if you go to school with it and good brakes and gears.

    Barry Z

    As a novice cyclist, have decent material at a special price, I already have a lot of fun!


    My daughter is very happy with the bike. Excellent value for money! Very harmonious and visually perfect bike!fast delivery and super packed, quick to assemble


    Very nice bike for both commuting and recreational use. Comfortable, nice service.

    Patrick T.

    Owned for half a year now. I use it intensively for commuting, about 100 km/week. It's great cycling

    Dolby Fan

    today this bike was delivered to us. nice bike and very sturdy quality. perfect for our daughter who has to cycle to high school with it.


    Very nice bike with a long range