XF900 Fat Tire E-Bike
XF900 Fat Tire E-Bike
XF900 Fat Tire E-Bike
XF900 Fat Tire E-Bike
XF900 Fat Tire E-Bike
XF900 Fat Tire E-Bike
XF900 Fat Tire E-Bike
XF900 Fat Tire E-Bike
XF900 Fat Tire E-Bike
XF900 Fat Tire E-Bike
XF900 Fat Tire E-Bike
XF900 Fat Tire E-Bike

XF900 Fat Tire E-Bike

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Note:(Update:All Rims in Black)
Bicycle accessories include: rear rack, fender, installation tools, air pump, manual, etc.

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    Be cool – Crush any terrain in style
    The Cyrusher XF900 was designed to tackle any mountain in your path. Whether you’re riding through literal mountains, or just navigating an urban jungle, the Cyrusher XF900 is capable of going wherever your adventures take you.

    Be cool. Retro motorcycle style with modern e-tech. Turn heads and crush any terrain in style.


    750W BAFANG

    With maximum torque of 80Nm, maximum output of 1500W

    Ready go! Its powerful BAFANG motor with a maximum power of 1500 watts allows you to operate at speeds of up to 50 km / h and, in assisted mode, navigate with little or no effort.

    TOP SPEED: 50KM / H

    Maximum torque: 80N.m

    Maximum power: 1500W

    48V 17AH SAMSUNG

    High capacity, waterproof

    Powered by a removable 48V, 17Ah lithium-ion battery, which lasts 60-100 km on a full charge, the Cyrusher XF900 is able to go wherever your adventures take you. In case you need to charge a GPS or cell phone, we've added an easily accessible USB charging port directly to the battery

    CAPACITY: 48V 17Ah

    RANGE: 100km

    CHARGING: 5-7h


    Programmable. Fully customizable.

    The controller computer gives you all the information you need at the push of 3 buttons. Fully programmable, with the mechanical pedaling system allows you full customization of speed options and other safety settings.



    LCD DISPLAY: 3.7 "


    1. Multifunction handlebar
    2. Suspension before fork
    3.LED front light
    4.Smart LCD display
    5.removable battery
    7.spring rear suspension
    8.26 "x 4" fat tires
    9. rays
    10. Electric Motor BAFANG
    11. Rear + front hydraulic brakes
    12. Derailleur
    13. Chain wheel
    14.disc rotor
    15. Puncture resistant liner


    Solas tosaigh faoi stiúir

    Waterproof and high brightness LED light on front to make night driving much safer and more enjoyable.

    Torsion accelerator

    The half-turn slip includes the on / off button to prevent accidental activation.

    Complete TEKTRO / Zoom hydraulic brakes

    Equipped with huge 180mm hydraulic disc brakes, complete with engine isolation capabilities

    Luas Shimano 21

    Shimano’s 21-speed freewheel means you can switch to a larger sprocket to upgrade it and move to a smaller sprocket at high speed. In combination with the leg assist system, you can set the appropriate speed to complete your journey.

    Rear spring suspension

    Extra rear spring suspension for maximum comfort.

    Air front fork suspension

    The air front suspension fork has 110mm travel, preload adjustment and lockout.

    Double sided aluminum crankset

    Two-sided aluminum crank guards to provide extra protection for the chain and to help the chain move over rough terrain.

    Ergonomic seat

    The comfortable saddle seat has a breathable ergonomic design specially designed for pressure relief.

    4.0 '' fat tires

    Big Kenda / Chaoyang mountain bases provide better grip and traction on the most difficult terrain. It makes a good impression even when the ground is covered with snow.


    You've opted for an all-electric bike, why not do it in style? Cool designs in bright colors to be proud of your electric bike and to be the envy of your neighbors .and just about everyone.


    We wanted to offer the coolest electric bikes, so we created some bright designs, but why stop there? Big tires not only add grip power and control, but also attention. Be prepared to be in the spotlight wherever you go.

    The Cyrusher XF900 was designed to tackle any mountain in your path. Whether you are traversing literal mountains or simply navigating an urban jungle, the Cyrusher XF900 is capable of going wherever your adventures take you.

    To slide on the trails, we were going to need a suspension. We got the Partner 26 ”adjustable front fork and for added comfort we added a 750 lb rear spring shock.


    To climb the mountains, we were going to need a powerful engine. We have a 750W Bafang rear hub motor which has a maximum output power of 1500 watts! To climb the biggest slopes, we made sure to get up to 80 Newton meters of torque.

    To make the round trip, we were going to need a sustainable source of energy. We have a removable 48v, 17ah lithium ion battery that lasts 30 to 55 miles on a full charge. In case we need to charge a GPS or cell phone, we've added an easily accessible USB charging port right on the battery.


    To see at night, we were going to need a bright light. We thought a 250 lumen front light would do the trick ... and it does.

    To follow our journey, we were going to need a screen. We opted for a 3.7-inch grayscale LCD screen that tracks our speed, distance, battery level and more!

    To keep things interesting, we were going to need a number of different ways to power this machine. We've included pedal assist, twist throttle, walk mode, and human power.

    How much work you want to do is up to you!


    Motor: 750 watts (1500 watts peak), Bafang 80 N.m electric motor Charger: standard smart charger 110V ~ 240V AC, 54.6V 2Ah (included)
    Battery: 48 Volt 17 Amp Hour Samsung Lithium Battery. IP65 waterproof Battery charging time: 5 ~ 7 hours
    Range: 50 ~ 62 miles (80 ~ 100km) Battery life: 800 charges
    Speed: 28 ~ 31 mph (45 ~ 50 km / h) Controller: 48V 1500W, maximum output 30 amps
    Total Payload Capacity: 330 lbs (150 kg) Display: 3.7 inch LCD screen, smart computer
    Recommended rider height: 5'5 "~ 6'3" (165cm ~ 190cm) Weight: 30 kg (66 lbs) / 34 kg (74 lbs) with battery
    Intelligent pedal assistance: pedal assistance from 0 to 5 levels Bike dimension: Height 33.5 "-41.3" (85-105 cm) / Length 76 "(193 cm)
    3 modes: pedal assist / accelerator / manual Package size and weight: 59x12x32in 83lbs (150x30x80mm 38 Kgs)


    Tires: Kenda / Chaoyang 26 "x 4" large puncture-proof tires Front suspension: front suspension fork with lockout and adjustment
    Spokes: 12 gauge stainless steel Rear suspension fork: 165x750 lb 3 mags rear spring suspension
    Brake lever: Tektro / Zoom anti-slip levers with engine cut-off switch Crank: 170mm Double Sided Forged Alloy Aluminum
    Brake: Tektro hydraulic disc brakes / Zoom 160/180 mm front + rear Rear derailleur: Shimano Tourney PD-TY300, 7/8 speed
    Freewheel: Shimano M2000 / M315 21/24 speed shift system Throttle: half-twist throttle
    Saddle: breathable ergonomic sports cushion seat Front lighting: 250 lumen LED
    Seat post: height adjustable Bike frame: 6061 aluminum full suspension frame
    Easy to assemble

    Your Cyrusher is 90% pre-assembled. Simply unpack, mount the front wheel, put the pedals in place, twist a few bolts here and there and you're ready to go in 40 minutes or less!

    Watch XF900 installation video
    What's in the box

    Set of assembly tools: Allen keys, wrench, pump, charger, battery, mudguard, rear rack

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 63 reviews
    Neil Cartwright

    Went for a lovely bike ride this afternoon, stopping off for a coffee at garden centre. I can’t express enough how much I love this bike, with the extras I’ve put on.. indicators.. rear camera.. bright back lights it has made it a very safe, fun and nice bike to ride

    Norman McClure

    looks aswome


    Just works well! No flaws


    I thought it was a very cool and nice bike! The engine is very strong and nice.

    H. Schmidt

    Really not disappointed when I received this bike! fast delivery and impeccable product. Very satisfied with my purchase.

    Kevin B

    If you are tough and daring, this model is what you need, since with its powerful wide rim, it will allow you to travel the most complex roads both in the city and in the countryside. Live many adventures on this bike, do not miss anything. Supports a weight of 120KG. All its components give you just enough to ride safely and fun. xf900 is fearless and fast, ready for you.

    Andra G

    I am really excited about this bike. I bought it in early December and I already have 300km in my legs with this wonderful piece. The shipping and the type of packaging were excellent. A first small round for fine adjustment. Very aerodynamic, And everything was perfect.

    John Parker

    Great entry bike or for a commuter! He has been with me for about seven weeks on day trips or even around the city for work. Reliable bike, easy to ride, excellent value for money. I changed saddle and stem, but these are individual preferences. Clear purchase recommendation!

    Brendan Glorney

    I have had the bike for a few days, good bike, good engine, good brake . thanks cyrusher


    Had my XF900 for about a week now, it looks so cool, love it. So happy.